Do all things with a full heart!

Agustina's are the core members of the Krewe. They are women dedicated to promoting the Krewe's motto, "Work Hard. Play Hard. Give Back. Do all things with a full Heart." Agustina's live this motto by volunteering for charitable activities primarily specializing in the interests of women and children. They also make sure to have fun, dedicating themselves fully in work and in play.

Work Hard

The Krewe of Agustina de Aragon is highly visible in the Tampa Bay community and is established as a Krewe dedicated to volunteer service.

Play Hard

Our krewe participates in most of the parades around the Tampa Bay area providing enjoyment for the members as well as the attendees of the parades.

Give Back

The Krewe of Agustina prides itself on being a charitable Krewe. Each year we donate 2 scholarships to 2 high school young ladies as well as volunteer our time and resources for various foundations such as the Joshua House and Full Heart Foundation.